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Our Vision

We envision Shiki Sushi & Tasu Asian Bistros as more than a restaurant; it's a cultural destination that celebrates the diverse flavors of Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines. We aim to create an atmosphere where every visit becomes a cherished memory, a blend of exceptional service, culinary mastery, and the unmistakable freshness of our ingredients.



This commitment to sourcing the best quality ingredients extends beyond culinary excellence; it reflects our deep respect for the traditions and cultures from which our recipes originate. Shiki Sushi & Tasu Asian Bistros is not just a restaurant; it's a culinary journey where the pursuit of excellence in every ingredient mirrors our dedication to crafting a memorable dining experience for our cherished guests.

The best ingredients


At Shiki Sushi & Tasu Asian Bistros, our vision is to be the undisputed purveyor of authentic Asian culinary experiences, enriching the lives of our patrons one delectable dish at a time. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we strive to transcend the ordinary, offering a haven where tradition meets modernity.



At the heart of our vision is a dedication to using only the freshest ingredients, and cooking every plate to perfection. Our culinary legacy, spanning over 20 years, emphasizes not just satisfying appetites but also creating a culinary hub that fosters community, embraces diversity, and continually evolves to exceed the expectations of our valued guests.

Valued guests


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Welcome to Shiki Sushi & Thai Asian Bistros, your go-to destination for exquisite sushi and Asian cuisine! Our sushi bar and restaurant are dedicated to crafting delectable dishes using the freshest ingredients, presenting an authentic Asian food experience.


Our team at Shiki & Tasu Asian Bistro

Experience the essence of Asia at Shiki Sushi & Thai Asian Bistros. With over 20 years of culinary excellence, we've proudly brought the rich traditions of Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine to Holly Springs, Apex, Durham, Cary, and Raleigh, NC.

Our story revolves around authenticity and passion. Named the Best Sushi Restaurant in the Triangle for four consecutive years, we offer an elegant yet casual dining experience.


Our chefs, with exceptional skills, create a symphony of flavors in each dish.

From sushi rolls to desserts, our expansive menu promises a culinary journey. With four locations, we warmly welcome diners from Holly Springs and Apex. Whether you dine in or order online, Tasu Thai & Sushi Bar invites you to savor the authenticity of Asian cuisine in every bite.

Join our story at Shiki Sushi & Thai Asian Bistros

Our Story

Our team at Shiki & Tasu Asian Bistro

Founder's Journey

Tham Nguyen, exudes a warm and unassuming demeanor, embodying the spirit of hospitality. His unwavering commitment and industrious efforts in serving people paved the way for the inception of the Triangle's premier authentic Asian fusion bistro and sushi bar. Shiki Sushi & Thai Asian Bistros, situated in the Southpoint area of Durham, NC, proudly stands as Nguyen's flagship establishment.

Originating from Vietnam, Tham migrated to the United States as a child with his parents. Venturing into the restaurant industry, he acquired the art of sushi making along his remarkable journey. His aspiration was nothing short of creating a world-class dining experience, offering the finest sushi creations in his adopted home of North Carolina. This dream materialized with the establishment of his inaugural restaurant, Shiki Sushi, in 2003.

Tham's odyssey has been deemed a success, a testament to his unwavering work ethic, commitment to excellence, and sincere dedication to serving his customers. The culmination of his hard work and passion is evident in the exceptional journey he has undertaken.

Following the success of Shiki Sushi & Thai Asian Bistros, Tham extended his ventures to the Raleigh area, leading to the establishment of Shiki Sushi & Thai Asian Bistros. Tasu Brier Creek debuted in 2008 at the Brierdale Shopping Center. Four years later, another Tasu Asian Bistro emerged in Cary, situated at Crossroads Plaza. Although the Cary location ceased operations in 2016, it reopened its doors in 2017 at the current Waverly Place Shopping Center site.

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